Welcome to the Apex Public School and training web site. We thank you for making an online visit to our School exploring our campus and seeing the programs and people that make us a strong and dynamic independent society. I do hope that this gives you insights into our philosophy and helps in answering some of your questions about our admission policy, curriculum, activities, and other facilities and so on. At APEX we have chosen to be an outstanding educational institution and we undertake daily to honour that choice enthusiastically.

At APEX, we believe that the richness of the learning environment matters. Therefore, we offer our students depth, choices, complexities and challenges, aiming to intensify their learning experience. It’s education with individual attention in an academically rich environment. At APEX, we help each student strengthen his or her unique talents. We go beyond the basics and help students reach a little deeper, try a little harder and understand a little more. We aim to help our students grow into leaders, independent thinkers and true originals confidently, intelligently and individually. A well-qualified, committed and encouraging staff is the institutions greatest resource. Our devoted and highly trained staff creates a fervent and passionate intellectual community which strive together to fulfil those standards and principles which students in due course will reap the overall benefits. The culture is one of excellence in all areas and this ideal is clearly demonstrated every day by our wonderful faculty. They are true professionals and together with our students and their parents, they forge strong relationships. APEX is an academic institution with a constant endeavour to shape the overall development of a child. We aim to inculcate socially relevant quality education imbued with social and moral sensibilities in the future generations. Apex thrives in its vibrant, supportive, educational environment, founded on the enduring qualities of goodness, truth, service and justice. We are doing something infinitely more exciting than preparing a student for a career; we are preparing them for life.

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