Dear Parents and friends! Heartfelt welcome and sincerest greetings from APEX!

It is a stark reality that the Education of young minds is an indispensable step in readying the child for the struggle and strife of life. Needless to mention that Learning starts from the womb of the mother and ends at the tomb of the grave. In this backdrop, it is inevitable for us to offer stimulating and exciting opportunities and learning experiences to the child amidst a conducive environment with the help of trained human resource to bring about a transformation in the life of the child. Apex holds the cosmopolitan concept of Education, aiming to nurture the child’s interest in culture, communication and character-building. In the latter-day individualistic, techno-savvy society, the challenges in terms of technical and specialist knowledge are constantly changing, making it increasingly significant for the child to hone the skills of life and foster a life-long penchant for learning so that the learner can cope with the real-life situations in the upcoming dog-eat-dog competition which is mounting at the rate of knots. Emotionality (the ability to process emotions) is strongly connected to children’s acquisition of social skills and their ability to form social relationships and hence taking care of the child’s physical condition, intellectual status and psychological and social well-being assume paramount importance in the Scheme of Things. It is my personal wish to see my children sharpen their language skills to all-embracing levels since they are pre-requisites for the child’s emotional and cognitive development besides a cornerstone of academic and professional resplendence.

In the famous words of the Kothari Commission,” The destiny of a nation is shaped in her classrooms”. This privileged task is undertaken by the architects of the kismet, the teachers with absolute commitment and prophetic zeal. Teamwork creates dream-work. Our team of teachers at Apex is united and devoted to the cause of Educational Enlightenment and prepared enough to live up to the vision the School has been set up with. Our endeavour is to take the School to the loftiest perches of excellence through Vision and Action. We believe that ‘Vision without Action is a daydream and Action without Vision is a nightmare’. The Apexians are excited and passionate to enter newer and novel vistas of learning and hence prepared to tackle the razor-edged competition with added vigour and vitality. Our focus shall always be inculcating holistic Education so that children don’t become robots but beautiful Humans with values of respect, integrity, tolerance, amity, and teamwork. Our forte is fostering creativity, building confidence to express ideas, utilizing the technology to accomplish the set Educational goals with clinical precision and absolute joy.

As you entrust your child to our care, rest assured that your ‘dream’ is in the safest hands. I look forward to your invaluable support to take Apex to the apex of Educational Glory!

Yours in the cause of Education,

Mr Tufail A. Haji