Crest and Motto

A diagonal sash carries the motto across a concave-sided shield. The Motto, ‘Discovering Every Child’, interprets as ‘discovering potentials in every child’.  The open book represents the Quran; and the pillars represent the five pillars of Islam {Testimony of faith (Shahada), obligatory prayers (Namaz), Almsgiving (Zakat), Fasting (swam), Annual pilgrimage (Hajj)}.

The ethos of the school is rightly captured in its motto – Discovering Every Child and this is achieved through a unique and well-defined curriculum, as well as a strong emphasis on “learning beyond the classroom”. Apex, a centre of excellence in education believes that every child has a treasure within. The school kindles in children intellectual emotional, physical and spiritual development. It aims to produce successful, responsible, creative, global citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress of society. It envisions a stimulating learning environment by providing highly motivated facilitators, innovative educational methods and quality infrastructure that will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition the treasure within.