Aim of the policy is to Support the education of every child through fair practices of admissions.

Any future amendments will be advised to you as they occur.

  1. Admission is open to both boys and girl without any discretion of religion, caste or region, subject to meeting all admission eligibility requirements.
  2. The School practices transparency and equality in admitting its students.
  3. Admissions are open on ‘first come first serve’ basis to all students seeking admissions.
  4. Apex reserves the right to refuse any application without providing any reason.
  5. Apex reserves the right to cancel the application of a student should we determine that we are not able to meet the specific needs of the student.
  6. All students are required to attend an interview with a Teacher/ counsellor/ or principal. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, Apex is able to provide an appropriate choice for the student.
  7. Signatories to the Acceptance of Offer acknowledge that they are jointly and severally responsible for all fees, of whatsoever nature and kind, payable as a result of enrolling a child at Apex Public School. Responsibility for these fees subsists with all enrolling signatories irrespective of what may happen to the relationship (if any) of enrolling signatories. Enrolling signatories also acknowledge and understand that Apex Public School is not bound by any Court Orders or Agreements as between enrolling signatories. Where more than one person signs the Acceptance of Offer but payment is made by either of the enrolling signatories, or by any other party, the enrolling signatories acknowledge that they remain throughout the attendance of the child at Apex Public School jointly and severally responsible for all fees of whatsoever nature and kind, payable as a result of enrolling their child at Apex Public School.
  8. Signatories to the Acceptance of Offer shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, avoidable breakages, damage to School properties by a student, and/or of School property (e.g. library books, school furniture, computers, interactive boards etc.).
  9. No student will be permitted to return to the school in the next year while any part of a fee instalment is in arrears.
  10. A term’s notice in writing to the principal must be given before the removal of a student; otherwise a charge equivalent to a term’s fees will apply.
  11. A pro rata charge is made for new students entering the School for the first time after a term has commenced. If a student leaves during the year without giving a term’s notice, no refund will be made for the remaining portion of that fee instalment.

Disclaimer: Apex Public School Sopore has put in place policies & regulations necessary for effective functioning of the School. The School reserves the right to amend its policies and fee structure whenever considered necessary & appropriate.