The Apex Public School campus is located amongst garden grounds surrounded by green belt property in the exciting and developing town of Sopore. The environment is designed for learning, personality development and has all the facilities to cater to the designed curriculum. The academic facility contains spacious classrooms, teacher work areas, meeting and function rooms, hallways, and administrative offices. A safe and secure playground area to provide stimulating children’s fitness programs is located adjacent to the academic building. Apex Public School stands for holistic education, excellence, and personality development of students. All this requires a high degree of self-discipline, which must be instilled at a young age. The environment at the school motivates and inspires students to discover more about the world around them – and evolve into Leaders of tomorrow, both in the ‘community’ context and a larger, global context. The school campus is covered with lush green lawns with botanical plants and architecture for imaginative thought and creativity.  The interiors of the school are colourful and there by utilising building as a learning aid which aims at maximising the educational utility of school buildings, while enhancing environmental aesthetics, facility utilisation and the overall education experience, by innovatively integrating a variety of curriculum-linked materials into the existing built environment.

Highlights of the campus:

Classroom: Open, spacious, full of light and ventilated classrooms in a safe and secure ambience.

Interactive boards & Projection Screens: To make classroom learning more exciting and interesting for the students, Apex has now introduced Interactive boards as a medium to communicate and connect with the students in their own language. Apex School has taken an unprecedented step by integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) with classroom teaching. The teachers will be using Interactive boards to conduct lessons in the classroom.

Furniture: The furniture and walls of the classrooms are aesthetically designed to stimulate passion for learning among students. Furniture varies from classroom to classroom depending on the age group studying in them giving them sense of their growth and responsibilities.

Sports: Sports help build a student’s character, self-confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. At Apex Public School, sporting facilities have been planned with exacting attention to details. Sport is a metaphor for life, and it is said an hour of sports is as enriching as years of education. Apex stands for holistic education which includes a fine blend of physical and intellectual pursuits.

Children's Recreation Park

Recreation at the end of a tiring day rejuvenates lost energies and perks-up the mind for greater focus and concentration. Children need recreation at regular intervals, to break the routine of classroom schedules. The recreation park at Apex Public School is equipped with monkey bar, swings, slides and lots more interesting and innovative things. We believe that play is the essential work of childhood and a very important part in developing cognitive, emotional, and problem –solving skills.

Activity Room

The specialized activity room is provided to aid and abet motor development along with emphasis to tap creative potential in children. An assortment of instruments and facilities for students are available to discover their talent.

Facilitating Faculty

We have devised a method of selecting faculty to achieve the broad-based aims of teaching within the classroom and the school environment. The School takes pride in its highly qualified and dedicated faculty. It is a mix of experience and youth. Emphasis is laid on constant enhancement through workshops and seminars.