Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Policy is designed to help students attain academic excellence, sensitize them to the environment around them which includes the community, and more significantly – cope with various emotional experiences. Pastoral Care is extended to students with faculty involved in mentoring and supporting the students. The Grade Teachers of each Grade and Section are directly responsible for maintaining discipline while the Teachers also play a significant part in the emotional and psychological well-being of the students. Mentoring is an entrenched part of the culture at Apex; students and teachers build strong, mutually respectful relationships which enhance the learning journey, and student-student mentoring and staff-staff mentoring is also encouraged and embraced.House system

Students in future would be allocated to three houses at the time of the admission and would remain part of the same family till the time they leave the school. Along with increased sense of identity and belonging, they also provide students with a sense of tradition and leadership opportunities. The multitude of activities, the balancing acts of it with academics and excellent results, it all seems a herculean task, and Apex would manage it all with its ever so vibrant house system. House systems function to foster in a spirit of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding, tolerance, self-reliance and build up a team spirit. Each House would be headed by a Housemaster who is responsible for implementation of the Pastoral system for the respective House.

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